Pyramidal Protection System (Online)
  • How the online protection works:
  • - The online protection is a beta version.
  • - Your application must be scanned on to be safe in our protection system and avoid future issues with your application.
  • - The online protection system will check the antivirus result and the .net version before to create the EFP file.
  • - Your application’s data will be converted to hexadecimal language into our memory before to upload it.
  • - The uploader will clean up all the memory after uploading the application from your PC into the IT-TU private server (PS) this server will create your EFP file, keeping it in the temporary files for 24h.
  • - The uploader and downloader system in our server will append your application .EFP content encoding GZIP for speed up.
  • - The download link is private and must not be given to anyone because it contains your username and password.
  • - The URL format will be like shown below:
  • -
  • Create EFP With Advanced Properties
    Create EFP With Advanced Properties
    Buffered Reader Options
  • Quick Information:
  • 1- Scan the application on for any possible virus detection.
  • 2- Once the application is successfully scanned, go back to Create EFP table and click on the open button on the “File name” field to upload the application to be protected.
  • 3- Fill the remaining details of the table.
  • 4- Click on Create EFP button. After successfully creation of the EFP file a download link will be generated.
  • 5- Press on the Download Link to download your protected application.
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